Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Post #15

cupcakes for sabine. i can't say thank you enough to (or is it 'at') this girl! i swear. an angel. i had to do them last minute. hehe. been busy with my whole convo thing going on at the moment. yeps.

oh, and i found my favorite font back! weehoo!

got a couple more orders for tomorrow morning. hee. and a little something special for sabine.

now to answer due questions. hee.

ina, ah yes! i guess, i'm the type of person who loves her icing. lol. and i got my piping nozzle di leApple. didn't you get yours from leApple? i don't know where else to get these nozzles. hehe.

syaa, sure for sale if you want them. hee.

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