Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Post #60

updates, darlings! hehe.

Red Velvet cake covered with fondant.


Pinkie's birthday cupcakes from her beau. yes, 143. lame. haha!

Pvintaj's anniversary cupcakes - Maltesers cupcakes frosted with Cream Cheese.

cupcakes for Ashy's daddy.

i quite like the chicken. hehe.

chocoalate brownies cupcakes frosting with vanilla buttercream.

Mars cupcakes frosted with chocolate buttercream.

a belated birthday present for Sabine (my angel).

my beau's friends wanted durian flavoured cupcakes ...

... and yam flavoured cupcakes ...

... and the never-fail vanilla cupcakes!

a little home warming gift for Grandma.


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