Tuesday, December 9, 2008

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buttercreams! there are so many versions of buttercreams... like, the typical buttercream also known as the american buttercream, the swiss meringue buttercream, the italian buttercream and even, uhm, banyak lagi. i'm sure there's many variations of buttercream out there. i haven't had time to try all of them yet. haha.

personally, i prefer the typical normal buttercream. so simple and easy and very good to work with. not too soft, not too stiff. a little bit too sweet though, but they are CREAMS! on a cake! so it is supposed to be sweet. inda ka? hmm. i like it sweet.

so for CC, this is mine...

oh and i like doing it in bulk 'cause you can keep it in the esbok in an airtight container and re-use it again nanti.


main ingredients:

- 150gm margerine or butter (salted or unsalted)

- 150gm shortening

- 300gm icing sugar

- 1 tsp. of vanilla extract/essence

- a few drops of almond extract/essence

- food coloring

- milk

what to do:

- with a hand mixer, mix the margerine/butter with the shortening until really mixed. until really, really mixed. like really, really mixed. haha.

- then masuk kan the icing sugar. slowly, to avoid a puffy sweet mess. but if you're like me and think that messes are part of baking fun, then high speed pun inda apa. hehe. mix until it's really white and fluffy. macam kambang berabis.

- done! yayys! well, not really. then add, the vanilla and almond and mix again. leave the mixer for a couple of minutes.

- and then, here is where the fun part really comes. add your drops of food coloring... pink ka, blue ka, campur aduk ka. hehe. if you want a stronger vanilla, just add more. don't overdo the almond though. a few drops pun sudah strong for me.

- oh, add milk only if you think it's too stiff (karas) and mana tau mau lagi licak sikit... a teaspoon at a time and check consistency!

- tada! done! yayys!

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