Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Post #31

made a couple of cupcakes lately. all of experimental purposes, of-course.

but before that, i wanna show you my very boring, under-decorated BUT yummy chocolate cupcakes. XD

click image to enlarge

made them for daddy's friend's son? yeah. i think. anyhow, daddy's friend said that my cupcakes looked boring. very under-decorated, compared to the other ones that were there too. but the thing is, mine tasted better, or so they say. so mine ended up, being eaten. now, do i prefer to be pretty and no one wants me? or un-pretty yet people eat me. haha. eat me! rawr!

(besides, they're for a boy. how decorative can my brain get when it comes to manly cupcakes?)

ok. next on the agenda. Orange Ginger Cupcakes topped with Cream Cheese then sprinkled with Cinnamon Sugar.

that's my naked Orange Ginger cupcake right there. haha. i haven't uploaded a topped and sprinkled version. will do it later or tomorrow. anyhow, at first i didn't want to put orange in them but then thought, karang padas gila. haha. i tasted a drink with ginger once. bukan jamu-jamu atu eh. a watermelon plus ginger fruit juice. gilak. padas. so back to the cupcake, i added orange. it was fine. the orange wasn't too overpowering. you can still taste the lingering ginger on the tongue. in my opinion la. pasal adi ku makan, and well, ya na terasa.

and then... i baked some Gooey Butter Cupcake. TOO SWEET for me. macam sakit kepala tarus manis nya atu. haha. will have to cut down on the sugar and the cake... it was too heavy. i will have to re-do it soon enough.

ok. gots to goie.



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