Friday, February 6, 2009

Post #42

batah sudah i haven't heard from my first ever, well, second la. haha. but putting my cousin aside, first tia. haha. :P anyhow, batah dah na dengar dari iya.

she's my angel.

and i'm sorry this didn't look good. haha. namanya last minute berabis! hehe.

oh back to my regular customer... hehe.

okay. the issue here is that my Mars makin kechik right? hehe. sorry, but i fell in-love with a new muffin/cupcake pan and i'm sticking to that as my standard. hehe. i can understand if you're mad, karang ku message Eda cakap sorry ah. and i give you apology cupcakes lagi! nanti lah tapinya. LOL! hehe. tapi sebenarnya kan, the measurement cup i used to fill it up is actually the same. hmm... maybe it's the batter atu kali ah. i zunno ah.

but, ooh well... jangan mawah yea? hee. XD

okay, on a different sturi...

i have a lot of things to do for my sister's birthday if i want to see it come true. uwaa. and i'm so tired. O_o


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