Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Post #44

ahaa. hello darlings! haha. sorry for the lack of update. it's my malas days. and since nada orang order lately, so i thought i'd give myself a rest.

but i'll be active again tomorrow, so, see you soon! haha.

plus, i'm thinking whether i should add a new flavour to my cupcake menu. hmm.


// added

so i thought i'd do something about my Mars cupcakes. haha. by the time i was done with my batter, they smelled nothing like Mars! actually, more like Maltesers. so i thought, maybe this could be a good Malteser cupcake. haha. well... chawie la pokoknya kesudahannya. haha. but it tastes SO GOOD that i ate 5 of these babies on it's own. haha. i need to redo it. but the thing is, i don't remember what i did. sigh. seriously... cemana kan inda chawie tu? haha.

bah. karang tah time bangun ku fikirkan tu. nantuks ku. hehe. a little update...


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