Thursday, September 18, 2008

Post #2

i went to LeApple Bakery with the mom and princess to get stuff for my new interest. it felt good to have a mom who's supportive. lol. i've got myself a new hand mixer and a piping bag. i wanted to get the pre-made fondant but thought, it was too expensive. lol.

so with the new piping bag in hand, i've revamped my mini-cupcakes.

and for a beginner enthusiast, i can't help but say... i'm doing good. lol. yes, let me dwell in my own wishful glory. oh i also made a not-bad-but-kinda-ugly chocolate chip cookie. i swear, it tastes better than it looks. i have people with good testimonials. ask yaya or fatin. and if they're lying... i'll... i'll... nah, i don't think they are. lol.

want to try some? lol. but if you like them, you're gonna have to buy them... hehe.

oh, by the way, it's the dad's second birthday (yes, he get's two birthdays in a year) today! let's see what i'll be making for him later. lol.


reaper said...

nice. aku mau cuba dulu. kalau nyaman aku minta buat kan untuk raya hahaha

unamariposa said...

hahaha. ok tu. i will need to know in advance supaya aku buleh buat the morning before we jumpa. lol.