Thursday, September 18, 2008

Post #3

i was gonna bake a cake for the dad but the sister thought it would be better if i just did cupcakes. which i did. normal sized ones. lol. so with the help of the sister, we made 48 cupcakes. lol. this time, we don't have to buy them! lol.

no, that's not the total 48 cupcakes. lol. the other were put on a different tray and oh, it's such a good feeling when you know the kids loved them! the cream was too sweet though. will need to adjust that soon.

and for the cake i want to bake, i'll just bake a cake for the friend who's birthday is up in a few days. lol.

oh and below is my personal favorite cupcake. done by me for me. lol. i was experimenting on stuff and i loved how it turned out to be!

i am going to try and use royal icing and fondant next. mhmm, maybe fondant for the friend's cake! oh. wouldn't that be nice!

oh and we made sugar cookies too because the sister just loves them!

this evening, the sisters had their boys over so i made them decorate their own cupcake. daus with the pink one. marul with the blue bitten one. he took a bite faster than i can say, "let's take a picture". lol. princess posing with hers. eva's two tone cupcake and my white one! pinkie didn't feel like decorating much today.

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